Sunday Supper: Sushi Party

Sunday Supper: Sushi Party


I remember doing a summer internship in Fukuoka, where I was almost devastated to find that locals don’t actually eat sushi all the time. In fact, going to a sushi bar is one of the luxurious things that are only meant for special occasions. For a more casual and affordable sushi experience, you can also go to the ready-made section of supermarkets, where you will find me hunting for marked down bento boxes an hour before closing. Here in Hong Kong, Japanese food is one of the most loved cuisines. You will be able to find all sorts of Japanese restaurants, and I’m not only talking about the usual ramen or yakitori places, but some that specializes in Okinawa dishes, tuna fish, okonomiyaki, etc. And finally, Sunday Supper is back! To celebrate the long awaited come back of our family tradition, we are taking things to the next level. It does help when you have *special* connections to a Japanese restaurant that takes care of all the sashimi, already cut. Sushi is so fun to make, but takes more time than you think to prepare. Once you have everything set up, you can either roll and serve it cut or let everyone roll their own. Now off you go and get creative! Items on our menu tonight includes:


Serves 4. Adapted from Harumi’s Japanese Cooking. ~1 carrot ~1 pack fresh green asparagus ~1 pack snow peas 20-30g lettuce For the dressing: 300g (1 pack) soft/silken tofu 4 tbsp sesame paste or unsweetened peanut butter 1 tbsp shoyu 2 tbsp mirin 1/4 cup dashi

  1. Chop the carrots into 5cm matchsticks. Remove the woody part from the asparagus. Prepare the snow peas by removing any stringy edge, from both ends if necessary.
  2. Cook the three vegetables separately so they are just cooked but still retain their bite, then plunge immediately into ice water for five minutes to chill. Drain well and dry on kitchen paper.
  3. Cut the asparagus diagonally into 1 cm wide pieces. Tear the lettuce into fairly large pieces. Combine all the vegetables in a bowl or serving plate.
  4. For the dressing, drain the tofu and wrap it in kitchen paper to remove excess water.
  5. Mix the sesame paste, shoyu, mirin and dashi stock together in a small bowl. Break the tofu into small pieces with your hands and add to the bowl. Mix lightly and season with salt.
  6. Pour the dressing over the vegetables and sprinkle a generous amount of ground sesame seeds to garnish.







Makes one 10″ roll. Adapted and translated from this recipe.

For the matcha cream:

180cc whipping cream
18g sugar
3g/ 1-1/6 tsp matcha powder

For the cake:

45g flour
15g cornstarch
4g/ 1-1/3 tsp matcha powder
3 large eggs
60g sugar
15g milk 15g butter

  1. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Combine the flour, cornstarch and matcha powder and sift three times until there are no more lumps. Preheat oven to 180C°.
  2. Place eggs and sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer. You can place the mixing bowl over a bowl of warm water until it is at body temperature.
  3. In a small bowl, heat milk and butter until the butter is barely melted.
  4. Whisk eggs and sugar on medium-low speed, gradually increasing to high. Beat until the mixture forms a thick, fluffy and foamy light yellow cream. It should triple in volume and when you lift the whisk, fall in a ribbon-like pattern, and slowly dissolve into the rest of the mixture.
  5. Add in flour mixture. Fold lightly while spinning the bowl in the opposite direction with the other hand, until well mixed.
  6. In the milk and butter mixture, add in a couple tablespoons of the egg mixture and mix to lighten it. Pour into the rest of the egg mixture and fold to mix, making sure no melted butter is sunken to the bottom.
  7. Pout into lined baking tray and smooth the surface. From around 3″ high, drop the tray onto a tabletop to get rid of air bubbles. Place into oven and bake until the surface is golden and a toothpick comes out clean, around 13 minutes.
  8. Place baking tray onto wire rack and let cool.
  9. To make the match whipped cream, mix a tablespoon of cream and matcha powder to form a paste. Add in the rest of the whipped cream and sugar until it forms stiff peaks. Set aside in the refrigerator.
  10. To assemble, place the cake sheet on a piece of baking paper. With a palette knife, spread a thick layer of cream. You can also place in any additions, like red bean past at this point. Using the edge of the baking paper, roll the cake, making sure it is tight. Wrap the cake along with the baking paper with cling film wrap and place in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours before serving.
  11. Serve with more whipped cream or red bean paste.
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