Classic French Croissants

Classic French Croissants

I totally missed the Hello 2017 posts but I got something better for you:


I mean, I do have new year resolutions. In 2017, I resolve to:

  1. Cook outside of my comfort zone of a) things on toast and b) one bowl cookies

  2. Get better at dealing with leftovers. Even with a mini fridge that fits close to nothing, I sometimes let bits of food go to waste. I've had one very successful week using Food52's A New Way to Dinner, and can't wait to have more delicious planned meals!

  3. Do more outdoorsy stuff. I mean, I love the idea of it, but really should do it more, like actually use my new-ish bike! This can really wait till spring though...

  4. Take food photography seriously, especially since E bought me this Fluorescent Softlight

  5. Be more patient to myself and people around me, which probably would help with learning new things like #4

Anyway, back to these classic french croissants. They're buttery, flaky, and...not easy to make. That being said, it's not impossible, and a bit of practice takes the level of difficulty down a far notch. Laminated dough is very technical, so don't be lazy about weighing the ingredients, resting and measuring the dough, and making sure the temperatures are correct.

My first trial turns out quite well with distinct layers, good rise and crispy flakes. There were also some mishaps, which I'll make sure not to repeat. When laminating the butter and dough, make sure they are at the same softness after chilling in the fridge. If not, the hard butter will crack and might even ooze out. When proofing the dough, make sure the temperature is between 75 - 79℉, or the butter layers will start melting into a pool of oil like mine did.

Some tasting notes:

- Burnt bottom
- Honeycomb not achieved
- "Bread-like" texture

- Flaky exterior (375 for 10 min/325 for 6 min)
- Charred crust
- Silky interior
- Crescent shaping

They are truly a labour of love, but takes practice and patience. I used Weekend Bakery's wonderfully descriptive recipe here, and will be tweaking it before I post my own. Stay tuned for more croissant wisdom! 


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